07 April 2009


My sister found this one recently and I added it to a collage I did at the SWH workshop:

06 April 2009

and more SWH workshop pieces

SANDCASTLES with my brother!

I'm not a fan of gnomes, these ones especially. That Minnie Mouse jumper was one of my favourites, although when my mum first bought it was down to my knees.

TRAVEL - someday soon I hope.

I have an issue with carousels. I have never been on one on my own, and when when I finally got the chance to my horse was the only one that stayed stationary. BOOO!! Even though I remember being annoyed (my mother's holding me), I still love that everyone looks so excited in this photo.

04 April 2009

2009 Sabrina Ward Harrison workshop sneakpeak

One of my favourite artists, Sabrina Ward Harrison, came down to the Distracted shop in Perth, Australia last October to hold two weekend workshops: 'The Art of Becoming Yourself'.
Here are a few pieces of artwork I had created during one of those workshops:

(from top to bottom)
1. Who didn't love the swings?
A favourite photo of me (left) and my sister (right) collaged onto a hilly backdrop.
2. My sister and cousins swam freely in our first tiny swimming pool whilst my grandma held onto me. The puma looks hesitant to jump in.
3. Went on lots of family camping trips when I was younger. A photo of us kids going nuts on the monkey bars.
4. Haha! This girl seems a little annoyed, BUT she could also be the loneliest girl I've ever seen. Something so sad about her.